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Dikemaskini: 12-03-2019
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Announcement On Gazettment And Enforcement Of:

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1). The Customs Duty Order 2012 has been gazetted on 30 August 2012 and has been enforced from 31 October 2012. With the gazettment and the enforcement of the Customs Duty Order 2012, the list of timber and timber products that used the HS code 2007 has been correlated into the HS code 2012.
2). Meanwhile the Customs Order (Import and Export Prohibition) 2012 has also been gazetted on 31 December 2012 and becomes effective from 1 Mac 2013.
Note: To obtain a copy of these documents, please refer to or download from the Customs official website at
3). With the gazzettment of the Customs Order (Import and Export Prohibition) 2012,   twenty six (26) timber and timber products have been included into the Second Schedule of the Customs Order which require an export licence in order for these products to be exported. The Third Schedule (First Part) of the Customs Order has listed three (3) timber and timber products for which an import licence from MTIB is needed prior to importation of these listed products.
4). Please note that with the gazettment mentioned in (2) above, thirteen (13) additional timber and timber products have been included into the existing list of products for which an export licence is required whilst one (1) product has been added into the existing list of products for which an import licence is required. The list of timber and timber products which require export and import licences from MTIB is as attached.
5). With this development, MTIB wishes to notify that companies operating in Peninsular Malaysia and the Federal Territory of Labuan are required to obtain export and import licences from MTIB for the said products. Further, it should be noted that companies that perform the activities of exporting and importing shall be registered with MTIB in accordance with the provision of Section 13 (1), Act 105 Malaysian Timber Industry Board which states:
“No person shall carry on any activity as exporter, importer, supplier, grader, processor, trader, operator or jetty operator unless he is registered in accordance with this Act”.

6). In accordance with the requirement of this Act, companies that are engaged with any of the activities mentioned above are requested to register with MTIB as soon as possible to avoid any problems and to ensure that these activities are carried out in accordance with the regulations. Companies can refer to the MTIB Registration Guidelines at the MTIB official website at or contact the Registration Unit, MTIB Headquarters at the phone line of 03- 9282 2235 for further details, regarding the requirements for registration.
Director General
Malaysian Timber Industry Board
22 February 2013


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